Getting STarted

Create Your Account

Your principal or other school administrator will share a school-specific invitation link with you. Using this link and your school email address you can create your SubPlans account.

To create your account:

    1. Open your school link in any web browser
    2. Complete the required fields.
      • Your school email address must match your school's designated email domain - if you have more than one school email ask your school admins which domain is set-up
    3. Click "Sign Up"

Personal Email is an optional field because while we hope to support continued individual teacher access, if you leave your school. However the feature is not yet available. This field is optional and is not used for any purpose at this time.

After you create your account:

    1. You will receive an email with a link to confirm your email address
    2. Click the link to confirm your email address and login to your account

If you do not receive an email, check your spam folder or request a new link.

Editing Profile Information

You'll complete all profile information when you create your account.

To edit profile information at a later date:

  1. Click your name from the navigation bar
  2. Select "Edit Profile"
  3. Make changes and click "Update Profile"

Note: you can also change your password, access support and logout from this same menu

Complete Classroom Info

To set-up your SubPlans account, enter your classroom info. SubPlans will combine classroom info, school info, and an absence plan to create a complete sub plan for each absence.

The Logistics section will already have data; this information is pre-populated by your school admins to make data entry faster and more efficient. Simply edit this information to make it work for your students and classroom.

Until you complete your Classroom Info, this page will be the homepage when you login to SubPlans.

After the first time you click "save," this button will display "update."

You do not need to complete your Classroom Info all at once. Save your progress by clicking the "Save Classroom Info" or "Update Classroom Info" button at the end of the form.

When you've completed your Classroom Info, select the set-up complete checkbox and "Save/Update" to let school admins know you're done!

Custom Class Rules

Class rules are a critical part of SubPlans, because they let you communicate the non-negotiables in your classroom, which also happen to be the things first things students will test when a there's a sub.

You can select up to 6 class rules to display in your sub plans -- choose from sample rules we've created or write your own.

To add or remove custom class rules:

    1. Click "Add Custom Class Rule"
    2. Enter your Title & Policy
    3. Check the "show in absence plan" box, if you want to display the rule to subs
    4. To remove a rule, click the x to the right of the policy

Note: you may want to change rules around, depending on the time of year or behavior in your classroom. You do not need to remove a custom rule if you choose to deselect it. Keep as many as you like to choose from.

Create Your First Absence Plan

Your first absence plan will function like a template, on which you can build all future absence plans. We recommend creating a plan that follows the basic structure of your day and follows the bell schedule. Don't worry about including every single activity just yet, focus on:

    • Title: always required, this is an internal title -- subs won't ever see it
    • Start & End Times: try following the basic bell schedule for your school to start
    • Headlines: section headers for what happens in a block of time, like ELA, Math, Recess, or 9th Grade Biology
    • Descriptions: only for routines and transitions--things that are consistent day to day, like morning announcements, recess, or lunch

Essentially, you're creating a template or skeleton of your daily activities in your classroom, so that at any point you can easily duplicate this and fill in the specific lessons and activities that will happen while you're absent.

For help on entering absence plan data see: Editing Absence Plans

*Note: make sure your classroom info is complete before activating your first absence plan