Looking for answers to specific SubPlans questions? Get started with these frequently asked questions. Don't see your question? Send us an email!

Does SubPlans replace our existing sub assignment system?

Nope! You will continue to enter absences and get subs through your existing system. SubPlans structures the process of creating and sharing information with subs who come to work at your school (and, makes the experience better for them, so they are more likely to come back).

Does SubPlans talk to my sub assignment system? Will absences show up automatically?

Not at this time. After you create an absence in your sub assignment system, you'll use SubPlans to create and/or activate a plan for that absence date, so the sub will have the information they need once they arrive at your school. There won't be an automatically generated plan, you'll be responsible for creating a plan for each absence. For more help see Using Absence Plans.

What happens if I have a last minute or emergency absence?

That's where emergency plans come in! It only takes a minute to activate an emergency plan, and you can do it from anywhere. However, if you're too sick or unable to login and activate a plan, your admin team can activate one of your emergency plans for you.

Do I need to print my sub plans or worry about leaving them for my sub?

Nope! With SubPlans, your school has a single, online source for all sub plans, and to make the experience more welcoming and supporting for subs, the front office will take on the role of printing sub plans and handing them to subs right when they walk in the door. Your role as a teacher is to activate a plan for each absence, so it's ready for your front office team to print.

If you have materials beyond what is entered into SubPlans, like worksheets, you'll want to print those ahead of time and have them ready in your classroom.

For emergency plans, we advocate planning for worksheet free days. But if you want to include worksheets in your emergency plans, just make sure you have a stash of printed materials that are always ready to go -- you can reference the spot in your SubPlans!

Can I include attachments or additional materials with my absence plans?

Or what about printing worksheets?

Great question. At this time, SubPlans doesn't accept attachments or handle materials or worksheets referenced in absence plans. SubPlans facilitates directions for the day along with critical school and classroom info.

For planned absences, print worksheets or gather materials ahead of time.

For emergency absences, try planning worksheet free days (it's possible! see our sample plan for ideas). Or, have a stockpile of emergency worksheets printed and waiting in your classroom; direct subs to this stash of worksheets at the appropriate times in each emergency plan.