Getting STarted

Invite School Admins

To get the most out of SubPlans, you'll want everyone to be using it; ensure all school admins who play a role in managing teacher absences have access. This may include the principal, assistant principal, office manager, school secretary, instructional coach, etc.

Make sure you introduce SubPlans to your school admins so that they know their invite is coming.

To invite school admins:

    1. Click "School Admins" from the navigation bar
    2. Click "Invite School Admins" button
    3. Enter the email, first name and last name for the new school admin
    4. Click "Invite School Admin" and a confirmation banner will indicate success

After you invite a school admin:

    • The admin will receive an email with a link to confirm their email address and set a password
    • The invited admin will show as status 'Pending' until they confirm their email address

School Admin Permissions

All SubPlans school admins have the same permissions and can do the following:

    • Edit school info
    • Invite school admins
    • View and print all absence plans
    • Invite teachers
    • Impersonate teachers (to take actions on their behalf)
    • Deactivate teachers and other school admins

Complete School Info

To start using SubPlans, you'll need to enter school information that will be combined with teacher absence plans, to create complete sub plans. You may want to invite additional school admins to assist with the school info set-up.

Each section on the School Info form indicates how the info will be displayed to subs:

  • Printed plans: the information will be available in the printed PDF
  • Online: the information will be available in the online sub portal, accessible only with an access code from an active sub plan

Until you complete your School Info, it will be your homepage when you login to SubPlans.

You do not need to complete the school info all at once, and multiple school admins can contribute. Save your progress by clicking the "Save School Info" button at the end of the form.

When you've completed your school info, in particular the Teacher Managed Information section, select the set-up complete checkbox and "Save" to unlock inviting teachers.

Teacher Managed Information

Make sure you complete this section before you invite teachers. Each teacher's classroom info will be pre-populated with the information in these fields at the time the teacher creates their account. If you make a change to these fields in the future, only teacher accounts created after the saved change will reflect the updated information.

Invite Teachers

Once you've completed your school set-up, you're ready to invite teachers. Unlike inviting school admins, you won't have to enter emails or names for your teachers. Each teacher will create their own SubPlans account, using your school-specific invitation link and their school email address.

To invite teachers:

    1. Click "Teachers" from the navigation bar
    2. Click the "Invite Teachers" button
    3. Copy the invitation link or sample email text
    4. Share the invitation link with teachers

Note: teacher email addresses must match the email domain designated for your school