Managing Teachers

Track Teacher Progress

To get the most from SubPlans, teachers need to be using it. Here are some of the teacher actions you will likely want to track, and you can track them all from the 'Teachers' page -- this page is your dashboard for all teacher activity.

    • Account creation: teacher names will appear on the list as soon as they create their account

    • Last login: look at the column for last login; if it says "never," then an account has been created, but not yet accessed

    • Classroom set-up: green indicates they've checked the "Classroom set-up complete" box and their Classroom Info is ready to go; red means they're still working

    • Emergency plans: each grey dot indicates one emergency absence plan is ready in their account

    • View plans: click on actions and "view plans" to see all of the plans that a teacher has created

If you need more details for a teacher (for example, how far along on their Classroom Info set-up they are) simply impersonate the teacher to view their account exactly as they see it.

Impersonate Teachers

Impersonation is a powerful tool in SubPlans. It allows any school admin to take actions in a teacher's account, on their behalf. If a teacher is too sick to activate an absence plan, or they forgot to create one -- you can step in and activate an emergency plan, duplicate an archived plan, or copy a shared plan from another teacher.

To impersonate a teacher:

    1. Go to the 'Teachers' page

    2. Find the teacher's name, click on "Actions" and select "Impersonate"

    3. A yellow banner will appear at the top of the screen -- it will persist as long as you are impersonating

    4. To stop impersonating, click the link to return to your account

View Teacher Absence Plans

Sometimes you'll want to drill into an individual teacher's absence plans, rather than the school-wide view. This is particularly helpful if you know a teacher is headed out for an absence, and you want to check on their plans. The "View Plans" option gives you a read-only peek into a teacher's absence plan view, exactly as they see it.

From the "View Plans" screen you can preview any plan; to make edits or activate a plan on a teacher's behalf, you'll need to impersonate the teacher.

To view a teacher's absence plans:

    1. Go to the 'Teachers' page

    2. Find the teacher's name, click on "Actions" and select "View Plans"

    3. A new screen will open with that teacher's absence plan view

    4. Explore absence plans by clicking on the tabs

Deactivate Teachers

Once a teacher no longer works at your school, you'll want to deactivate them from your school's SubPlans account. This is to protect the information you enter about your school, and to stay within the account limits for teachers at your site.

Deactivating a teacher's account means that they will no longer be able to login to SubPlans. It does not delete the teacher's account or remove any data; you can reactivate a teacher's account at any time.

To deactivate a teacher:

    1. Go to the 'Teachers' page

    2. Find the teacher's name, click on "Actions" and select "Deactivate"

    3. You'll be asked to confirm

To reactivate:

  1. View deactivated teachers on the "Deactivated" tab of the 'Teachers' page

  2. Find the teacher's name, click on "Actions" and select "Reactivate"

  3. You'll be asked to confirm

Delete Accounts & Remove Data

At this time, there is no way to permanently delete accounts or remove account data from SubPlans. If you would like to delete a user account and/or delete data associated with an account, please email us at