About SubPlans

SubPlans Overview

SubPlans is a tool that makes it easy to create and manage sub plans with the best practices that keep students learning and subs coming back.

With SubPlans teachers create their absence plans in a single, online format. And the administrative team coordinates getting consistent plans in the hands of subs, easily printing them from the shared SubPlans app.

SubPlans works best when:

    • Everyone in the school is using it, together, with a goal to improve substitute teaching experiences
    • Teachers are included in decision making and understand what the school community is aiming to do collectively with subs and student time
    • Teachers are given common planning time or prep time to set-up their SubPlans accounts
    • Teachers collaborate and take advantage of features to reduce their workload and streamline absence planning
    • School admins set clear expectations for teachers
    • School admins track and follow-up on teacher progress
    • School admins are actively involved supporting students, teachers and subs when there's an absence

Permissions and Access

SubPlans is all about creating shared responsibility among everyone to ensure students have a great day when a teacher is absent, and to do that a few things are critical -- here's how we address them in SubPlans:

    • Transparency: school admins can view all teacher plans, all the time
    • Collaboration: teachers can share plans with each other, and edit and build on each others' work
    • Back-up: school admins can take actions on behalf of a teacher, to do anything a teacher normally would, if say, a teacher is too sick to activate an emergency plan

School admins have full read-only views of all plans in the school from their dashboards. As a fail safe, they also have the ability to access teacher account through a secure "impersonation mode," which does not require them to know or have access to teacher passwords.

Video Walkthrough - Teachers